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What We Offer?

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Regulus Industries offers competitive CNC turning and milling services, utilising modern and cutting-edge facilities. Our commitment to quality is evident in the parts we deliver, capable of achieving tolerances up to 5 microns, within our 10-day turnaround time. 

With our flagship Progress Tracking System, you have the ability to track your parts in real-time at any point during the manufacturing process. Furthermore, our system enables you to effortlessly view and download in-process or final inspection reports, providing you with the utmost control over your requirement and assurance.

How Can We Support You?

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Seamless and Customer-Friendly Approach

Our focus is on simplifying the manufacturing process & delivering the finest services by prioritising your preferences.

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Zero Rejection and Rework

Our advanced Progress Tracker helps you identify any variations in the manufacturing process, with real-time insights.

Materials We Machine



Carbon Steel​


Stainless Steel



Steels like 303, 304, 316

How Do We Ensure Quality?

We adhere to a quality-first services approach at Regulus in order to transform the Indian manufacturing sector. We recognise the need to eradicate the prevailing inconsistencies and establish robust standards. By doing so, we aim to make the Indian manufacturing sector highly competitive and position it for sustainable growth.

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Lean Manufacturing

Our continuous improvement & lean manufacturing practices like 5S and Just in Time allow us to ensure consistent quality and the best price for your needs.
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Transparent Progress Monitoring

We ensure parts delivered are of top quality by implementing intermittent quality checks between the production & uploading the reports on the Tracker.

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Enhanced Inspection

100% in-process inspections can also be performed upon request so that you and your team can monitor, match, and measure the status of a part internally.

How can our Tracking System benefit you?

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Reach out to us to know more on how we manufacture parts in a timely, transparent and trustworthy way.

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