Modern Solutions To Age-Old Manufacturing Problems

Who Are We?

Regulus Industries specialises in supplying precision machined components with unparalleled and unwavering accuracy, transparency, and commitment to quality. With our advanced technology and skilled experts, we strive to deliver superior quality CNC machined components, tailored to your exact specifications.

With our flagship Progress Mapping System, we help you track your components at the tap of your finger, in a hassle-free manner. Our systemised approach demonstrates our commitment to providing the highest level of service possible to our clients.

Why Regulus?

Regulus Industries manufactures precision machined components with a keen focus on accuracy, consistency, efficiency, flexibility, safety, quality, and cost-effectiveness, ensuring exceptional results for our clients.


We manufacture each part with extreme care, accuracy and maintain tolerances upto 5 microns ensuring optimal performance and enhanced product quality.


Optimised consistency is our hallmark at Regulus. By adhering to stringent quality standards, our systematic and standardised processes aim for consistent excellence. 


Our on-field experts leverage lean manufacturing principles to streamline workflows, eliminate waste, and maximise productivity for a seamless project completion.


Our precision manufacturing capabilities are customised to meet your specific requirements, ensuring alignment with your project objectives.